Revamp it with Ragmuffins Hot Fix Crystal Designs and Ideas

Hot Fix Crystals
Stencils by Southern Attitude
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Unique hotfix crystal designs and ideas. Take your wardrobe from boring to wow in no time. Hotfix crystals are perfect for anything, clothing, shoes, scrapbooking, home decor, and so much more. Hotfix crystals work on anything porous. In other words, use them on anything but metal and hard plastics, of course you can apply crystals to metal and hard plastic,simply use an epoxy type product like E6000 to apply. Our stencils are easy to use and reusable. Place stencil on item, tape down and simply drop your crystals, using your hotfix wand, into the pre-cut holes. The stencils are great, because you get the same exact design over and over. But that's not all, use pieces from your stencil or combine different stencils to get a new design each time. We also have printable designs to use with sticky mylar, these are only good for a couple of uses, but they are downloaded, so you don't have to wait for the mail.

*Designs for download are not available as stencils and stencils are not available for download. Once a design is made into a stencil they will be removed from the download page and placed on the stencil page.

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Actual Photo of Stencil

This is a photo of an actual stencil. As you can see the holes are pre-cut for perfect spacing each and every time. They are made of ..a durable, non-melting material, so you can use it as many times as you wish. Don't worry, if you touch it with your tool, it won't .even leave a mark! Stencils are also flexible, so no matter what your project is, simply tape it down and start glitzing! Don't be fooled by other "rhinestone stencils", they are printed on paper .and are to be used with sticky mylar (we sell those too), these are a one step process, tape down and go! (or use your favorite .adhesive spray)



Dragon Rhinestone Stencil
Celtic Cross Rhinestone Stencil
Fancy Cross Hotfix Rhinestone Stencil
Cat Hotfix Crystal Stencil
Fleur de Lis
Buckshot Rhinestone Motif
Paisley Hot fix Crystal stencil
Spring Bunch Hot fix Crystal Stencil
Leg Design Hotfix Crystal Stencil
Spray Rhinestone Stencil
Flower Rhinestone Stencil
Angel Rhinestone Stencil